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From Wanderlust to Work

I am coming up on 3 months of being at my new job. My last planned trip was TYW Croatia, and that to me had marked the end of my allowed time off. By the end of the summer, I determined to find a job that I was interested in.

Most of us aren't lucky enough to get a time after we start working full time to take long term trips. But now, after I am pretty sure what was my last flight of the year, I am starting to feel everything truly settle into my new normal. Which these days means attempts at early morning workouts and busy work days.

I would be lying if I said I didn't miss the freedom of having my days to myself in new places or even at home. Seeing friends and family across the world that I had no idea when I would see next.  I worked on this blog a lot more, easily having experiences and photos to create posts. Each day was filled with instagrammable moments that I used as throwbacks for months and stories I got to tell with pride.

So yes,every once in a while, I get panicked. When I don't have my next flight booked or I feel like things have gotten overwhelming. For the last little while, I have always had planned what comes next.

But for anyone who has had time off, or been in between jobs for whatever reasons knows that as great as it can seem sometimes, it also takes a toll. It stressful not knowing what is next. It can be hard, both mentally and financially to come back home and have such a drastic change in your every day life. 

There is this misconception the moment you start long term travel, that you just don't want to work anymore,ever. Millennials get criticized when we say we want to travel for more than the allotted 2 weeks we get in the year. I wanted time off,we all do. Don't we complain about it all the time?So why does everyone criticize when we get the opportunity? I took my opportunity, I suggest if you can, take yours. But I say this with the fact that you should also be reasonable, safe, and smart about all your travels. 

I don't hear much about the after story when people take these long trips. I guess after large daily adventures and seeing something new every day, regular life can seem a little mundane. Sometimes it is, sometimes the most exciting part of my day is getting to sleep on time, which rarely happens. 

But just as exciting it can be to be living out of a suitcase, it is also nice to be sleeping in my own bed every night. I like going into work every day and feeling productive, and being on the same time zone as my friends or seeing them in my free time. Those are the little things that make it nice to be home. 

Don't worry, I still have my wanderlust filled wish list (TYW Greece, I'm looking at you).But, we can't all magically start traveling full time, and we also can't expect to have the same routine until the day we retire. So here I am saying, my next adventure or few adventures aren't going to start with a plane ticket. My next adventures are about apartment hunting in NYC, 7 AM Workouts during the winter season, and figuring out where exactly I want my career to go. What are your next adventures?

Chase your stars,fool. Life is short.


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