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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

If you are looking for an unconventional beach vacation, Costa Rica is the place to go. With it's beautiful beaches, friendly people, and amazing food, it doesn't take long to understand "Pura Vida". Our little slice of heaven was in Santa Teresa, a short 20 minute flight from San Jose, where all international flights usually land.

Tip: Make sure to take into account the commuter flight when booking your trip. They aren't usually on normal booking websites, so book ahead of time, we used nature air.

Santa Teresa is a small surf town in the Puntarenas Province on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It was the perfect place for a week of unwinding, unplugging, and meeting new friends. We were lucky enough to visit during August where the region wasn't overcrowded but the weather was still agreeable. 


Our instructors at Del Soul Surf School

Surfing in Costa Rica is a lifestyle, going down the dirt road there are surf shops and schools, with hostels that advertise for surfers. Whether you are a beginner like we were or one with the waves, its the perfect place to practice your pop up on the board. Costa is well known for their surf camps if you really want to be comfortable by the end of the week.

My Suggestion for beginners: Del Soul Surf School, the instructors were great, the group was small, and we all caught a ton of waves on our first lesson.

Day Trips

Whether it is to a part of the jungle, an uninhabited island, or a waterfall, there are tons of day trips that are available from most every part of Costa Rica. We ourselves did two, renting an ATV to get to the Montezuma Waterfalls and a day trip to Tortuga Island. The day trip to the island is a great way to meet people and spend a day, usually the cost includes pick-up/drop off, food, drinks, and snorkeling for 40 to 60 USD.

Beach & Yoga

The beaches in Santa Teresa were amazing, dogs usually hang out during the day there are looking for someone to play with. We spent some great days just wandering the beach and making new friends. If you are a yogi there are tons of yoga studios to check out that are open air. The one in our villa complex was beautiful and the instructors were great. 



  • Cash is king, don't forget to bring enough to get you through. Very few places take card.
  • Comfortable shoes, no heels needed, all the roads are dirt and rock so be careful at night
  • Talk to people, everyone in Costa Rica is friendly and has great recommendations!
  • Everywhere we ate in Santa Teresa was fantastic, so try as much as you can! I listed our two favorite places below:
    • Burger Rancho 
    • Olam Restaurant